Bonjourno!!! – The Epic Trilogy of Jereme Leafe….. the pole vaulter – Part 2

Paris to Krakow to Auschwitz to Zywiec to Zar to Banska Bystrica to Krakow!

Friday, September 11th
3am Sleep
4:30am alarm starts going off
5:30am wake up
F!!! We were about to miss our flight to Poland. the only Easy Jet flight all weekend.
The Peugeot 308 didnt let us down, as we hit 185km/hr (about 120mph/hr) and made it from Compiegne to CDG (60km) in about 30mins.  (Real Fast)  That’s from waking up, getting out the door, dropping off the car and being in the terminal… anyone need a driver?
6:30am and we ran in and just made our flight!  KRK here we come!
10am We got another free upgrade on our car and it was a 6speed Toyota Camry that we would call home for the next 5 days.
It was time for some trance tunes in the car to bring back the club from the night before.
Noon: We showed our respects and tourist side with a stop to Auschwitz II concentration camp.  It was surreal to see the sheer size and capacity of people that were housed here.  It is moments like this that both Nick and I agreed made mountainboarding the best thing in the world! We might be a 1/3rd the way around the world for a mountainboard event, but because of this trip we were both able to take in some surreal history.
Auschwitz II Concentration Camp
Nick Taking in some serious History.  Auschwitz II Concentration Camp in Poland.
After some real cheap beer (good beer for cheap) and some lunch we were off to find Zywiec Brewery located in the town of Zywiec, Poland.  We thought we had plenty of time, but between getting lost and construction we ended up showing up 15mins late for our tour.  Luckily we met up with Mariusz and his beautiful lady friend and they were able to convince the tour guide to let us have a tour!  I mean we did start the morning 60km outside of Paris… i would call that quite the commute for a brewery tour!
This brewery tour had a bowling ally in it… so we played a few frames and then it was time for the goods, 1/2liters of beer for samples!
Enjoying our sample beers after the tour of Zywiec Brewery with Mariusz and Weronika!
6pm  Dinner time! Pierogies were on order. Pierogies smothered in bacon!  dinner for 4 people and drinks came to only 56 zloty! (about $20, Score!)
Maybe one of the best meals of the trip! Pierogies covered in Bacon!
We showed up to the ski lodge bar after checking into our room and had another 1/2liter of beer.  Played some charades with a few of the riders because English is not as common in Poland as in western Europe… but we made due!
Bed early finally, 11pm.
Saturday, September 12th
6:30am  *Knock, Knock* “Get up!”  What the hell? are you guys crazy?!?!
The polish riders were getting up and ready to start the day.  It would be the only day of our trip in Poland that we felt was lived to the fullest because we didn’t sleep till noon or take a nap on the plane for half the day.
9am  we were padded up and wondering why the hell we were the ONLY ones with no brakes AND MBS boards (you know the ones with little tiny compared with No-Sno)
Then we saw the hill as we rode up the lift!  Lots of rocks and very very steep.  I started to think just sticking to the jump was a good idea, but i didn’t come all the way to Poland to chicken out.
Nick looking real stoked to ride in his Tall Tee, this is before he saw the downhill!
After time trials were over I some how had managed to make the top 10 for the mass downhill of the entire mountain.  My only goal was to get down alive, not finishing last would be a plus, but just walking away at the end of the day would be enough for me.
one, two, START! and everyone was off, all pointing it straight down the hill.
I was trying to keep up, but even when I pointed it, i just could not keep up with my small 8″ tires on the loose rock.
I managed to stay up the entire time and even finished 9th!!!  I must say i am pretty happy about that.
10 man mass downhill for the finals.  Me way over on the left because i got last “lane” choice.  Notice how padded up everyone is and how they all have brakes!
2pm  Now it was time for some freesytle!  The dirt lip was real nice but the length of the jump left something to be desired.  Oh well… Jump to flat!
The Polish riders were trying flips, 720’s, and backside rodeos.  Not very many were landed, but every time they got back up and had at the jump again.  One guy even sheered a king pin on a No-Sno in half!
A few back flip trains running real hot and some rodeos and me and Nick were putting on an MBS Demo!
I took 1st place with a huge rodeo and Nick came in second with some smooth backflips.  Nick won best trick with a backflip to flat!  I managed to take out a camera guy and fall pretty good after doing a rodeo… then i realized i was riding with a flat tire!
5pm  Some great prize giving took place… XS Hillbilly pads and some amazing wine!!!
We were real stoked on winning some really good wine!
She asked if she could take a picture with me. So i said yes, only if i could also have a picture with her.  One of Polands Finest!
The Board I won for winning freestyle!  Blue Angel!
8pm  Let the after party begin!
8:30pm  5 Vodka shots later and the party was well underway!
The DJ from the event came and we started a good ole dance party in the ski lodge bar!  There were many many bottles of vodka going around and many more shots to be had!  I barely remember walking up the hill to the hotel past some goats and sheep and then I was out!
After Party!
Making more friends with some of Polands Finest! Me and Weronika who is one kick butt mountainboarder!
This is how not to make friends with Polands Finest!  Pig pile on Weronika!
Sunday, September 13th
Noon – Ugh, still drunk from the vodka!
I couldn’t find Nick then he came knocking at the door.  Turns out after some confusion the night before he decided our neighbors floor would be a good place to sleep.  This would not be the last floor he would sleep on.
I think i ate an entire loaf of bread and jam for breakfast to try and sober up.
Finally we were the last ones to leave and I am sure the waitress/bartender at that place couldn’t have been happier!
Nick Creepin on the Goats outside the hotel!
2Pm and Nick was driving for the first time on the trip…. because i was in no condition to drive.  We went flying into Slovakia passing some amazing grass covered mountains.   But neither of us had a desire to stop and ride because of the state our boards and minds were in. I was curious that’s why I had to ask him “How Much Do Truck Driver’s Make – Trucker Salary?”
Headed into Slovakia!  Count it!
5PM We arrived in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia without any wrong turns!  This town is the second largest in Slovakia and its known as a large college town, yes please!  There was a huge welcoming party in the main square for us!
We checked into our sweet hostel and parked the car in some sketchy far off neighborhood and just hoped it wouldn’t get towed.
We decided some food and a beer was on call, but then called it an early night.
While I decided to come by car to Slovakia (because its land locked), Nick thought it best to show up to our welcoming party by Boat!  Its going fast and… Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.
Monday, September 14th
10am  Up and at it kind of early and we had to decide what to do for the day and where we would stay Monday night.  We thought of Budapest, thought of staying where we were, but finally decided two days in Krakow would be good.  And oh was it!
But we wouldn’t leave Slovakia so easy, it was time for some day drinking!  The sun was out and it was the perfect temperature to sit in the main square and just watch the beautiful eastern European college women stroll on by.  It was soo nice to finally relax and just chill for a day. To reduce stress and feel totally relaxed, try the massage treatment of Greentoes spa. Their treatment will surely relax your mind, body, and spirit.
Marc Jenkins has been working really hard!  As a result, MBS has a Flagship store in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia!
Enjoying some amazing beers in the main square in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.
Nick loving on the Ice Cream in Slovakia.  Lazy Day!
7pm We arrived in Krakow but needed to find a Hostel.  We stopped by Greg and Toms (where we had reservations the following night) but they were full for Monday night.  They directed us to the AQQ which was one block off from the main square… Perfect!
*** This is where my journal entries stopped because the trip got non stop crazy.  So everything from here on out is my attempt to remember what happened. ***
9pm  Nick and I went on a little walk around the main square and grabbed some great Gyros!  Then we decided some more Polish vodka was in order… it took a lot to get me to drink more vodka after saturday night.  We just sat in the main square and enjoyed the views of the churches and drank our vodka.  During this time however, we saw a guy on a bike with a sign that said “Club Maps” So Nick chased him down, got a free club map, and found out where the hot spot was on a monday night… Club Prozak!  We also found out that you get arrested for drinking in public in Krakow… Oops!
Midnight  Club Prozak was packed!  You would have thought it was a saturday night, but i am not complaining.  We did some more drinking and trance dancing and realized most of the girls were all Polish college students!  Nick and I started dancing with two friends, but my lady just wasnt feeling my sweet moves so I moved on.
Tuesday, September 15th
3am  As i try to figure out what i want to do, i see Nick come out of the club with the two ladies… Score!   Well they wanted to take Nick on a walking tour of the city… at 3am!  I wasn’t having this so i headed home to the hostel.
9:30am  I was up and ready to go feed the meter on the car and move over to the other hostel with our stuff.  But Nick was no where to be seen.  I told him he had to be back by 9:30 so we could move everything and not get a parking ticket.  After i ran across the city to pay for parking i realized i didn’t have the keys… Dumb A$$!  So i had to run back and forth again to pay for the parking.  When i finally got back to the AQQ Nick was just chilling eating some cereal.   Turns out he got a full city tour, saw some Dragon that breathes fire if you text it, and drank more vodka in a park with some random guys.  Then i think he said something about food on the kitchen counter, but I am not sure what he meant by that.

11am Another walk across town and we tried to check into the hostel we had reservations at.

The linen fitted sheet is a user-friendly material, and this makes linen duvet covers extremely easy to wash and handle. Linen covers also become softer with every wash, making them extremely comfortable to sleep.

No luck, someone screwed up and over booked!  However Tom did tell us we could come out on the bar crawl that night with them and have some free dinner!  So carrying all our stuff back across town to the AQQ but this time there would be more people staying there, score!

We enjoyed a day of sight seeing and shopping with the ladies Nick had met the night before, we were able to get these fashion discounts here, so at the end you can imagine how many items we bought.
Nick working hard for his water! Krakow Main Square.
I found the best Beer in town… the kind that is free!
Getting a sight seeing tour from some lovely ladies that Nick met the night before at the club.  Krakow Castle, Krakow, Poland!
Then we decided that some Champagne was in order… not just any champagne… a 3 liter bottle of champagne!!!  It cost us about $20 and the guy chilled it for us while we got ready for dinner and then the bar crawl!
Mean mugging with the 3 Liter bottle of Champagne!
Pretty sure it cant get much better then this! 3 Liters of Champagne and partying in Poland.
7:30pm Dinner time at Greg and Toms, but we were late and almost all the polish sausage was gone.  We did however let everyone know how Americans roll… 3 liters of champagne deep!  But we decided to wait till we got back to the AQQ with our new friends and pop it there.
A quick chug of champagne and some cheese at the AQQ and it was time to try and catch up with the bar crawl.  It was suppose to cost us about $25, but some how we got on for free because Tom is a good guy.  We missed out on the 5 shots at the vodka bar, but caught everyone at Brower Brewery.  After about 5 pints of a really good Hefiwiezen we were off to a club.  Turns out we were going back to Prozak, but this time with a bunch of Aussies and Brits.  Turns out the Aussies took a liking to us American boys and some dancing and more drinks at Prozak were in order!
Brit Lady on the right, Aussie ladies to the left.  Lots of great beer!
Nick enjoying his time at Prozak with the Aussie!
Dancing and making friends with the lovely Aussie Ladies!
3am would roll around again and after a run in with the workers at the Hostel it was time for bed!
We would need to be up early again to hop some planes so we could get to Moscow.
Part III coming next week.

Bonjourno!!! – The Epic Trilogy of Jereme Leafe….. the pole vaulter – Part 1

Word and Photos by: Jereme Leafe
Let me beginning by giving you a little history as to why this 2 and 1/2 weeks of debauchery and mountainboarding happened.
I have been out of the scene for way too long and my gypsy friend AJ has spoken great words of Russia, so I figured what better excuse to go to Russia then to Mountainboard, and hell, why not bring someone else along.  But I am no geographer so I figured Tennessee, North Carolina, France, Belgium, Poland, and Slovakia were all on the way to Russia, but i mean, really, why not?
Well my good friend Ecar asked if i could try to document this journey, so what follows is my best attempt to remember how the trip went.
Part 1!  Boston to Nashville To Beech Mtn To Nashville To Boston To Paris To Wanyi To Compiegne To Paris!
Friday, September 4th
Woke up late for my last day of work and realized i could barely fit all my gear into my tiny little miata.
But 3pm rolled around and i was enjoying a tasty Harpoon IPA in the tradition of having a trip kick-off beer!
7:00PM and i landed in Nashville, TN
Friday night was spent out at Vanderbilt University enjoying only the finest of beers at the frat parties!  But i was collar popping and riding dirty so that i could keep with the style of this preppy southern university.
I did some vandy van riding all the way through vandy land. (Peep the Youtube video MOV – Vandy Van)
Riding that Vandy Van, all the way through Vandy Land!
Collar Poppin and Riding Dirty at Vandy Frat Parties!
Saturday, September 5th
3:00am time to go to bed!
4:30am time to get up!
So apparently Beech Mtn is about 5 and 1/2hrs and a time zone ahead from Nashville… who would have thought. I told you i was no geographer.
350miles later i showed up at the Beech Mountain Country Club and tried to valet my car, but they didnt like my type so i drove around for another 30mins looking for some fellow dirt lovers.
Noon – the event was suppose to be starting, but in typical fashion i was late and holding everything up  so that my good friend  Akoni could finish fixing his hair.
I was still nursing two freshly broken ribs so i wasnt sure if i was even going to ride, but i did bring someone all the way from Nashville and i needed to try and show off… Girls (circa MVM 5, anyone remember that interview?)
The park was amazing and had probably more then 25 lines, i kept it mellow and just hit the wall ride, but just that was worth the flight and drive!!!  Skinny Kenny was killing it and stealing my red bulls!
There were some young guns killing it!  Props to Chris O’Brian for throwing 540s and backflips and to Jeff Wooley for throwing down.  Sadly Jeff tripped over his heal side tires and ended up breaking his arm. heal fast bro!
Working on My Ups – Beech Mtn, NC
Kenny Stealing my Red Bull
In true mountainboard fashion there was some after even fun to be had, just this time at the Jackaloupe.  Mind you a Jackaloupe is a rabbit with antlers… must have been something in the water up in dem dur hills.  Richard and Ted showed everyone what was up by pole dancing, but i think they made enough money to make it back home afterwards.
Well Done Ted – Pole Dancing
Sunday, September 6th
after some much needed sleep and some great breakfast at the jackaloupe it was 5 and 1/2hrs back to Nashville… with a pit stop for wine tasting.
Monday, September 7th
Oh the day of great Labor
Well this would actually be one of the only days i got to relax and just kick it.  While my friend had to go to class i enjoyed sleeping in and just kicking around campus.
Riding at Vanderbilt… In style
Alex was inspired by Ted and Richard and she really wanted to learn to ride!
Tuesday, September 8th
Up nice and early in time to set out on 20hrs of traveling.  It was 6am Nashville time, 1pm paris time.
Noon, Back in boston and waiting 5 and 1/2hrs for my next flight, what to do?  I decided to take a not so quick T ride out to end of the Greenline and drop off some cupcakes and then lug myself back across the Bean just in time to make my flight to Paris.
5:30pm and i was on Air france direct to paris and had confirmed that NIck ‘Trill” Hill was about to leave Newark headed the same way!
8pm, saw some GT Solar employees headed to Photowatt in southern France to do real work… hahaha real work
Dinner came and something about cold salmon wasnt hitting the spot, but free wine did hit the spot…. sleep spot that is.
Wednesday, September 9th
6am Paris time and i couldn’t find my mountainboard bag!!! starting to freak… then i found it in quarantine with the dogs!
I got me some petite cafe and started waiting for Nick, last minute they changed his arrival gate so i had to (with my broken ribs) lug my gear about 3km across paris to the other end of the airport.  But sure enough Nick was there and waiting! Salut!
We rolled into the Hyatt and picked up our Peugeot 308 and started bumping the Mickey Avalon!
Rolling in France! Pumping Mickey Avalon
After running some redlights at the arc de triump and illegally parking at the Eiffel tower it was time to get out of Paris before someone threw freedom fries at us!
Next stop…. Champagne Region of France to visit my friends Moet and Chandon, really hoping Dom would be around too.
Nick Showing off the Guns.  Check the two old ladies behind him. He got their number!
Some wrong turns… ok, many wrong turns and we stumbled upon the Avenue de champagne!  I was lucky enough to stop by and say hi to Dom Perignon and then grabbed a bottle of Frances finest to drink in the car!  No time to waste… it was off to Belgium now… and it was only 2pm on day one!
Chilling with my boy, Dom Perignon.  Me and him go way back! (Dom and Me)
Only the finest dining for us while we were in France.  Day one, first food of the trip… out of the trunk.
Some more wrong turns and a couple trips around the same round abouts and we went flying past a BFC sticker… slapped on a sign stating that we were entering Belgium!!!
Belgium gets down with the BFC!
6pm and we arrived at Wanyi Park to find our beds for the first night, some mattresses of different mattress sizes in an old military tent.  But not so bad for free!
We popped some champagne and took a few runs before it got dark.
Nick looking real stoked to do some riding! Wanyi Park, Belgium
8Pm – we headed out to find some Belgium beers which wasn’t to hard to do… however ordering one was not so easy.  Both Nick and I took french in like middle school and in the middle of no-where belgium they dont exactly speak much English… or french.
Midnight and it was time for bed on day one of the trip!
Thursday, September 10th
Noon: F! We over slept!  We are suppose to be 3hrs away in France to meet Simon in about 2hrs.
However, the owners of Wanyi had shown up and turned on the lift, so some more riding was in order before we left this amazing park!
We threw down a few 3’s, hit some rails, and took a quick cruise down the boardercross which was super fun to double double!
You just cant complain about a free ride back up!
Nick just chilling it out at Wanyi Park
Real stoked to be getting some rail in Belgium
2pm: we should be meeting Simon in Compiegne right now and its 3hrs away, but we were just packing up the car and getting lost trying to leave town.  J gave us some new directions and we decided to say F Google Maps France and head out on another driving adventure to Compiegne.
We pinned that car toward France though something fierce… passing people on corners and hitting 175km/hr on two way roads! I love international driving!
On the way we saw a pretty dope castle and had to stop in some random little town in France.  We drank from the the town well, snapped a few pictures and were back at it in no time!
Around about Saisson, France a smell came over the car like no other. It smelled as though someone had filled the car with raw sewage.  I know what your thinking, but no, the windows were down.  That town smells like Sh*t.  Nick couldn’t even swallow his Nettalla covered bread, his body physically wouldn’t let him.
Picking up aids in some small town in France!
We got places to be!
5:30pm and we had finally found Simons house near compiegne, France!
We had heard stories of some new and amazing jumps and these jump did not disappoint!!!
It was cool to roll up and see about 5 riders just chilling and sessioning the jumps, i haven’t found any random places to just go ride in the states in a long time!
The jumps were 7meters and 6meters but seemed even bigger.  They were followed by a real nice quarter pipe that you sky out of if you so dared.
Both me and Nick were on the injured list, me with my ribs with a car accident and nick with his horse riding accident right before the trip.  But that didn’t stop Nick from throwing a huge backflip over the bigger hit… so it was on! The accident was not good but at all but it was interesting to watch the recording of it, because it was so fast I didn’t even noticed, and I have an attached camera in my dash from Blackbox My Car, which I recommend to all if you want a safety and security camera for your daily trips.
Few more flips and Heineken’s Later and i was ready to try and flip the first  hit and do a rodeo over the second!  But it turned into an over-rotated rodeo to knuckle to switch backside 180 off the knuckle.  I cleanly rode it away, but it was time to call it a day.
Air to Fakie on the QP
Nick styling out the Backflip over the big jump!
Had to be done, broken ribs and all!
Simon showing how to tweak it!
10pm: Simon and his parents are some of the best hosts anyone could ask for.  We finally got to shower (it had been about 3 days for me) and got an amazing dinner!  Thanks Simon! Tres Bon!
We should have gone to bed because we had to be up at 4:30am for the only Easy Jet Flight to Krakow for the next 3 days, but Simon talked of a good new dance club!
Disco Tech! With all of Simons College friends!
We did the trance dance right till about 3am and then headed home to try and sleep.
3am after the Dance Club! Real stoked, but we wouldnt look this stoked in about 2 and 1/2hrs.
Part 2 coming soon