Bobsledding with Mason Moore

Van Dewitt Mountainboarding Bobsled Trail in Utah

Utah has a bunch of great spots to ride unfortunately I’ve only had the opportunity to ride things outside of Salt Lake City. There is a deep click of riders in SLC who are constantly out exploring. Check out this quick clip of bobsledding champion Mason Moore cranking some turns in Salt Lake. If you’re in the area be sure to get in touch with these guys, this spot looks hella crispy!

Beast Mountainboard Videos From Across The Globe

The best of the beast, mountainboard videos from around the globe edited by the best video production services in Toronto. Some old, some new and some that probably shouldn’t have been posted in the first place. Take note of the style from country to country some dirty action in these.

England – Ye Olde British Cunts

You know all these guys and you’ve probably seen all of these edits as well. That’s because they’re kings, straight royalty on the mountainsticks.

“Style” by Jack Johnson

“Hales Superbole” by Theo Acworth

“Summer Sessions” by Project Doc

“Giving Birth to Rad Mag” by Tom Kirkman

France – J’ai un escargot dans mon oreille

Maybe you aren’t aware of this but the French rip, and I include Dutch friend Nicky Geerse in this group because he speaks French better than he does Dutch.

“French Mountainboard Tour 2011” by Bietrix Alexandre

“Monistrol Madness” by Nicky Geerse

Russia – I like my borscht without the beets

I just spent a week in Moscow where it was -20 degrees for 6 days straight, not exactly a hospitable climate; especially not for mountainboarding. Despite the long winters Russia has well funded events(thanks to Tunetz), super good riders and a communist government.

“Moscow” by Alexey Tunetz

“Dah Teaser” by Alexey Tunetz

Australia – Sheep shaggers in my book

The bastard children of the United Kingdom and savage beasts. Watch the gymnast do a double backflip! Dyl Radface had a seizure while eating a big mac this past summer and my girlfriend thinks he’s got Aspergers syndrome.

“Double Trouble With Andy Milenkovic” by Project Doc

“Crackheads at Como” by Dylan Radface Warren

USA – McDonalds & Walmart now open in South Pole, Antarctica

We take claim to the creation of the sport. We sell you boards. Occasionally ride them. Mostly we just put a lot of time and money into shooting video of it. Are tricks aren’t the best but we have way more fun than everyone else. Truth.

“Hot Action” by One 5 Media

“MBS Commercial” by One 5 Media

“Down & Dirty 2” by Strict 9 Films

Spain – Pelea de gallo o lidia

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Spain, nor do I know of many Spanish riders but I do know Iguria park looks like an amazing place to ride. Check out the Facebook video.

“iguria park session 2011” by Arkaitz Otuzar

“Tracks” by Pedro Emauz

Japan – Have you seen Blood Sport??

I don’t know what flows through the water in Japan but no matter what board sport it is the Japenese seem to have the best style.

“Jingi Part 2” by KoenjiNoSora

“Jingi Part 3” by KoenjiNoSora

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These guys have been riding hard for a long time and possibly the most passionate about it, I mean you’ve probably heard of Tony Dogga right?

“Suramericano de Mountainboarding 2010” by Nosfe Soto

“Mountainboard Sessions Brasil” by Mathias

“Montainboard 2010” by Bless TV

Germany – Hmmmmm

I almost forgot about the Germans, never forget the German’s they’ll fuck you up. How could I forget Winterberg possibly the gnarliest park in mountainboarding. If you never saw that video of TK doing front 7’s over their massive 40 foot jump its worth searching for.

“A Day In The Parkz” by Lukas Tielke

“South German MTB Championship 2011” by Philipp Uhlmann

Colorado Through The Eyes Of A Sheep Shagger

Words by the Sheep Shagga aka Dylan Warren

Big Money, Big Problems Dylan Warren

Big Money, Big Problems Dylan Warren

Wellllllllllll first of all I’ve been home for a month now sorry this has taken forever haha.

Anyways I was meant to be in Cali for a week doing an MBS demo. But when we decide to leave for Colorado the truck decided to die. So I ended up spending a week in Willits which is in the middle of nowhere.

MBS Demo Ramp & Truck

MBS Demo Ramp & Truck

But finally I got to Colorado a week later and met up with Evan aka Ecar aka Grandpa Carlson. I ditched my bags at his house and we went and rode Goveys which is a sweet little park that’s in Hot Action. Evan did a sick gap out to bonk 180 on a pole. Me n Nick Trill Hill seshed up the brick wall ride which was a load of fun. That night we had a good sesh with Mad Dog 20/20 into the early hours of the morning.

Everytime I need new fashion accessories I check Luxtime, they have some of the best YSL bags on the market at very good prices, they are just awesome!

Mad Dog 20-20

Mad Dog 20-20, Bling!

Next morning we got up and took the bungee down to the park and hit up this sick sculpture. We did some stunts and got some photos. Then we drove down to boulder and rode a sweet little BMX track and swam in a river.

Denver Sculpture Park

Dylan forgot to mention that it was about 100 degrees out...

Evan Carlson Backside 180

Ecar Back 180

The next night we made a dope gap over a construction site. They were putting in new drainage and had left a giant hole in the ground which left a perfect opportunity to build a jump over. True Grizz smashed up a jump and a landing in like 20 minutes. We set up the bungee and seshed it. It was super sketchy because we didn’t have much light and there was a big metal sign more or less directly in front of the landing. We got used to it and got some sick snaps. Trill almost got hit by a fox.

Congress Park Gap setup

Congress Park Gap setup

Nick Hill Guinea Piggin The Jump

Nick Hill Guinea Piggin The Jump

The next day we rode at this siiiiiiick step up we had found when we were in boulder. With a few modifications we’d made it rideable. You had to get pushed in jump over a small gap ride down a narrow track then hit the step up. Ecar was getting sick and trying to get down some gnarly cork BS 5s and Trill did a sick backflip. I also managed to get a fs cork 5 and a rodeo up it.

Sizing up the step up, Trill Hill

Benton Jackson Frontside 180

Benton joined us briefly and thru a few 180's

Dylan back 180

Every 180 variation was done, Dylan shifty late 180

Nick Hill Step Up

Trill locked in a few B flips

JLee called us up and invited us down to Colorado Springs for a ride. We went and checked out his local spot the Colorado Springs bike park. The bike park is amongst some amazing red rocks. I got some sick shots of Evan and Chris Jesse slaying it.

Crail Snatching, Evan Carlson

Crail Snatching, Evan Carlson

Then we made it back to father’s house where he cooked us up an amazing dinner. Then we drove out to some national forest and camped out next to the fire. Next morning I found some nice burn marks in my sleeping bag because Evan dragged me to a different spot, he is a bad man. Anywaaaaay um next morning went freeridng in the woods, smashed down some trees and jumped off some logs. Then we met up with Benton and searched for some new spots. We were pretty UN successful but we saw some crazy people with guns and confederate flags. God bless America. We finally arrived in Empire and met up with everyone.

Crew staying hydrated

Crew staying hydrated, Chris Jesse, Nick Hill, Dylan Warren & Benton Jackson

The traffic was a nightmare but we arrived with enough time for a quick session. That night had dinner with Jezza Leafe and had a few beers. Woke up next morning and I rode the small jumps for a few hours before the boarder X started. I’m not the biggest fan of boarder x but it seemed like everyone had fun and slayed it! Honorable mention to Nick Hill for doing every race in only short shorts.

I mean they were very short shorts. Jezza took out first place with some close competition from my boy Mat Silva, Jlee and Grandpa. That night we all went out to one of Empires local restraunts and they made us some good tucka! Some stayed and got crazy on the Indo boards but we ventured back and created our own fire of death with Matty K. We pretty much burnt a tree standing up. J also tried to jump the fire but didn’t quite make it. We also thought it be a fun idea to Mountainboard in the dark in our boxer shorts after a few beers. So everyone drove their cars down put there lights on the jumps and we got crazy.

Me and Trill slept on a concrete slab near a grave yard and I think the rest of the guys might have actually slept in the grave yard. After breakfast and coffee we started to practise for the day’s freestyle comp. There were 3 sections to the freestyle. The jib line, small line and the pro line. We were given 3 runs on each and the winner won with the most points on each line. Mason killed the jib line with a sick nose Manuel across the entire box! Next was the small line where I finally got switch back flips on lock. Devin was mad cus I bet him haha, but I love him. Then after that was the pro line! The pro line jumps are huge and you get alot of speed into all the jumps. Some gnarly stuff went down with Jezza and Mason trying 7s and Mat Silva after punishing himself all day got a sick line down.

Then we had a quick break and warmed up for the best trick competition that afternoon. Everyone was giving it all they had left! Devin definitely deserved first place with his sick cab 5 over the huuuuge step down! He won himself a brand new 2011 Never Summer snowboard! Then we had some pizza and chilled out and found out the results for the weekend.

I had the most amazing trip in Colorado and America! Can’t wait to come back and hang out with everyone. Thanks so much to Evan for letting me crash at his house and leave my shit everywhere. Thanks to J for his support and love. All the MBS boys! Everyone who gave me lifts. Benton and Bjo for letting me play in your hammock. True Grizz for telling me to wear my pads and being my mother. The empire and Altitude Sickness crew and all the guys who drunk beers with me!
Dylan warren

Wild Horses in Denver

Great adventures have been had here in Colorado over the last few weeks, from 100 degree city sessions to trespassing on mustang ranches, we’ve had some fun.

This wild horses are descended from once domesticated horses, defined as feral horses. Most contain genetic mixture of ranch stock and more recent breed releases.

Luckily we’ve had a camera on hand to document it, here is a little edit from the past few weekends of riding from Brando.

I would love to see this amazing horses in a race, Im an enthusiastic  with horses race and sometimes I like to bet with some v75 tips friends which know the best advises and tips for horse races. Al thought it;s a hands down that the Quarter horse wins with being more faster than the Mustang as they are very sturdy horses but it would definitely be a nice surprise.

NunyO from Beej on Vimeo.

One 5 riders still mountainboard

Despite the lack of media produced by One 5 in 2009 – 2010, most of us are still riding. Rumor has it there may even be another One 5 film for 2011 with some international riding…. then again it’s just a rumor. Another rumor is Justin Dersham dropped all board sports after spending an entire winter with skiers in British Columbia.

Govies park always has and always will be the most accessible ride stop here in Denver, with a variety of drops, great grass to carve and lets not forget that long brick wallride. The wallride is my personal favorite, with a mellow bank up to the 90 degree wall and 200 feet of wall to choose from. This wall has lots of potential, I recently learned a few new tricks on it and I think more will come. The place is beautiful I am planning to throw a party there with the best drinks from Oddbins. In other sports news, please checkout for fun water activities that you can enjoy, like surfing, kayaking or simply going to a pool and swim, since many people decide to take their kids into swimming since young age and some even purchase Swimwear for Baby Girls to take them!

Brandon & Benton recently learned how the internet works and created a lovely little Tumblr site to post random stony thoughts, Expect to see a few more short web edit from them this session.

We all got down up in Empire last weekend for the first time since the official opening of the park when everything was muddy and almost unrideable. Photographer Dag Larson was on hand to get some shots for a photo project and had a list of things we wanted to shoot but mainly some airs on the quarter, a few sequences, and a handplant. I think we accomplished everything he wanted… I still have yet to see the final photos. Dag was kind enough to pass me a few shots.

Benton Jackman Meth

Benton Jackman Meth

Brando getting all tucked in.

Brando getting all tucked in.

Love this stale

Love this stale

We've all seen it before...

We’ve all seen it before…

Bet you have seen this one though

Bet you haven’t seen this one though

Ponce Airing The Channel

Ponce Airing The Channel

New Never Summer gap, it's big!

New Never Summer gap, it’s big!

The season has just begun, there is much more to come. For other promotions, take a look at this link :

Bonjourno!!! – The Epic Trilogy of Jereme Leafe….. the pole vaulter – Part 2

Paris to Krakow to Auschwitz to Zywiec to Zar to Banska Bystrica to Krakow!

Friday, September 11th
3am Sleep
4:30am alarm starts going off
5:30am wake up
F!!! We were about to miss our flight to Poland. the only Easy Jet flight all weekend.
The Peugeot 308 didnt let us down, as we hit 185km/hr (about 120mph/hr) and made it from Compiegne to CDG (60km) in about 30mins.  (Real Fast)  That’s from waking up, getting out the door, dropping off the car and being in the terminal… anyone need a driver?
6:30am and we ran in and just made our flight!  KRK here we come!
10am We got another free upgrade on our car and it was a 6speed Toyota Camry that we would call home for the next 5 days.
It was time for some trance tunes in the car to bring back the club from the night before.
Noon: We showed our respects and tourist side with a stop to Auschwitz II concentration camp.  It was surreal to see the sheer size and capacity of people that were housed here.  It is moments like this that both Nick and I agreed made mountainboarding the best thing in the world! We might be a 1/3rd the way around the world for a mountainboard event, but because of this trip we were both able to take in some surreal history.
Auschwitz II Concentration Camp
Nick Taking in some serious History.  Auschwitz II Concentration Camp in Poland.
After some real cheap beer (good beer for cheap) and some lunch we were off to find Zywiec Brewery located in the town of Zywiec, Poland.  We thought we had plenty of time, but between getting lost and construction we ended up showing up 15mins late for our tour.  Luckily we met up with Mariusz and his beautiful lady friend and they were able to convince the tour guide to let us have a tour!  I mean we did start the morning 60km outside of Paris… i would call that quite the commute for a brewery tour!
This brewery tour had a bowling ally in it… so we played a few frames and then it was time for the goods, 1/2liters of beer for samples!
Enjoying our sample beers after the tour of Zywiec Brewery with Mariusz and Weronika!
6pm  Dinner time! Pierogies were on order. Pierogies smothered in bacon!  dinner for 4 people and drinks came to only 56 zloty! (about $20, Score!)
Maybe one of the best meals of the trip! Pierogies covered in Bacon!
We showed up to the ski lodge bar after checking into our room and had another 1/2liter of beer.  Played some charades with a few of the riders because English is not as common in Poland as in western Europe… but we made due!
Bed early finally, 11pm.
Saturday, September 12th
6:30am  *Knock, Knock* “Get up!”  What the hell? are you guys crazy?!?!
The polish riders were getting up and ready to start the day.  It would be the only day of our trip in Poland that we felt was lived to the fullest because we didn’t sleep till noon or take a nap on the plane for half the day.
9am  we were padded up and wondering why the hell we were the ONLY ones with no brakes AND MBS boards (you know the ones with little tiny compared with No-Sno)
Then we saw the hill as we rode up the lift!  Lots of rocks and very very steep.  I started to think just sticking to the jump was a good idea, but i didn’t come all the way to Poland to chicken out.
Nick looking real stoked to ride in his Tall Tee, this is before he saw the downhill!
After time trials were over I some how had managed to make the top 10 for the mass downhill of the entire mountain.  My only goal was to get down alive, not finishing last would be a plus, but just walking away at the end of the day would be enough for me.
one, two, START! and everyone was off, all pointing it straight down the hill.
I was trying to keep up, but even when I pointed it, i just could not keep up with my small 8″ tires on the loose rock.
I managed to stay up the entire time and even finished 9th!!!  I must say i am pretty happy about that.
10 man mass downhill for the finals.  Me way over on the left because i got last “lane” choice.  Notice how padded up everyone is and how they all have brakes!
2pm  Now it was time for some freesytle!  The dirt lip was real nice but the length of the jump left something to be desired.  Oh well… Jump to flat!
The Polish riders were trying flips, 720’s, and backside rodeos.  Not very many were landed, but every time they got back up and had at the jump again.  One guy even sheered a king pin on a No-Sno in half!
A few back flip trains running real hot and some rodeos and me and Nick were putting on an MBS Demo!
I took 1st place with a huge rodeo and Nick came in second with some smooth backflips.  Nick won best trick with a backflip to flat!  I managed to take out a camera guy and fall pretty good after doing a rodeo… then i realized i was riding with a flat tire!
5pm  Some great prize giving took place… XS Hillbilly pads and some amazing wine!!!
We were real stoked on winning some really good wine!
She asked if she could take a picture with me. So i said yes, only if i could also have a picture with her.  One of Polands Finest!
The Board I won for winning freestyle!  Blue Angel!
8pm  Let the after party begin!
8:30pm  5 Vodka shots later and the party was well underway!
The DJ from the event came and we started a good ole dance party in the ski lodge bar!  There were many many bottles of vodka going around and many more shots to be had!  I barely remember walking up the hill to the hotel past some goats and sheep and then I was out!
After Party!
Making more friends with some of Polands Finest! Me and Weronika who is one kick butt mountainboarder!
This is how not to make friends with Polands Finest!  Pig pile on Weronika!
Sunday, September 13th
Noon – Ugh, still drunk from the vodka!
I couldn’t find Nick then he came knocking at the door.  Turns out after some confusion the night before he decided our neighbors floor would be a good place to sleep.  This would not be the last floor he would sleep on.
I think i ate an entire loaf of bread and jam for breakfast to try and sober up.
Finally we were the last ones to leave and I am sure the waitress/bartender at that place couldn’t have been happier!
Nick Creepin on the Goats outside the hotel!
2Pm and Nick was driving for the first time on the trip…. because i was in no condition to drive.  We went flying into Slovakia passing some amazing grass covered mountains.   But neither of us had a desire to stop and ride because of the state our boards and minds were in. I was curious that’s why I had to ask him “How Much Do Truck Driver’s Make – Trucker Salary?”
Headed into Slovakia!  Count it!
5PM We arrived in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia without any wrong turns!  This town is the second largest in Slovakia and its known as a large college town, yes please!  There was a huge welcoming party in the main square for us!
We checked into our sweet hostel and parked the car in some sketchy far off neighborhood and just hoped it wouldn’t get towed.
We decided some food and a beer was on call, but then called it an early night.
While I decided to come by car to Slovakia (because its land locked), Nick thought it best to show up to our welcoming party by Boat!  Its going fast and… Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.
Monday, September 14th
10am  Up and at it kind of early and we had to decide what to do for the day and where we would stay Monday night.  We thought of Budapest, thought of staying where we were, but finally decided two days in Krakow would be good.  And oh was it!
But we wouldn’t leave Slovakia so easy, it was time for some day drinking!  The sun was out and it was the perfect temperature to sit in the main square and just watch the beautiful eastern European college women stroll on by.  It was soo nice to finally relax and just chill for a day. To reduce stress and feel totally relaxed, try the massage treatment of Greentoes spa. Their treatment will surely relax your mind, body, and spirit.
Marc Jenkins has been working really hard!  As a result, MBS has a Flagship store in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia!
Enjoying some amazing beers in the main square in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.
Nick loving on the Ice Cream in Slovakia.  Lazy Day!
7pm We arrived in Krakow but needed to find a Hostel.  We stopped by Greg and Toms (where we had reservations the following night) but they were full for Monday night.  They directed us to the AQQ which was one block off from the main square… Perfect!
*** This is where my journal entries stopped because the trip got non stop crazy.  So everything from here on out is my attempt to remember what happened. ***
9pm  Nick and I went on a little walk around the main square and grabbed some great Gyros!  Then we decided some more Polish vodka was in order… it took a lot to get me to drink more vodka after saturday night.  We just sat in the main square and enjoyed the views of the churches and drank our vodka.  During this time however, we saw a guy on a bike with a sign that said “Club Maps” So Nick chased him down, got a free club map, and found out where the hot spot was on a monday night… Club Prozak!  We also found out that you get arrested for drinking in public in Krakow… Oops!
Midnight  Club Prozak was packed!  You would have thought it was a saturday night, but i am not complaining.  We did some more drinking and trance dancing and realized most of the girls were all Polish college students!  Nick and I started dancing with two friends, but my lady just wasnt feeling my sweet moves so I moved on.
Tuesday, September 15th
3am  As i try to figure out what i want to do, i see Nick come out of the club with the two ladies… Score!   Well they wanted to take Nick on a walking tour of the city… at 3am!  I wasn’t having this so i headed home to the hostel.
9:30am  I was up and ready to go feed the meter on the car and move over to the other hostel with our stuff.  But Nick was no where to be seen.  I told him he had to be back by 9:30 so we could move everything and not get a parking ticket.  After i ran across the city to pay for parking i realized i didn’t have the keys… Dumb A$$!  So i had to run back and forth again to pay for the parking.  When i finally got back to the AQQ Nick was just chilling eating some cereal.   Turns out he got a full city tour, saw some Dragon that breathes fire if you text it, and drank more vodka in a park with some random guys.  Then i think he said something about food on the kitchen counter, but I am not sure what he meant by that.

11am Another walk across town and we tried to check into the hostel we had reservations at.

The linen fitted sheet is a user-friendly material, and this makes linen duvet covers extremely easy to wash and handle. Linen covers also become softer with every wash, making them extremely comfortable to sleep.

No luck, someone screwed up and over booked!  However Tom did tell us we could come out on the bar crawl that night with them and have some free dinner!  So carrying all our stuff back across town to the AQQ but this time there would be more people staying there, score!

We enjoyed a day of sight seeing and shopping with the ladies Nick had met the night before, we were able to get these fashion discounts here, so at the end you can imagine how many items we bought.
Nick working hard for his water! Krakow Main Square.
I found the best Beer in town… the kind that is free!
Getting a sight seeing tour from some lovely ladies that Nick met the night before at the club.  Krakow Castle, Krakow, Poland!
Then we decided that some Champagne was in order… not just any champagne… a 3 liter bottle of champagne!!!  It cost us about $20 and the guy chilled it for us while we got ready for dinner and then the bar crawl!
Mean mugging with the 3 Liter bottle of Champagne!
Pretty sure it cant get much better then this! 3 Liters of Champagne and partying in Poland.
7:30pm Dinner time at Greg and Toms, but we were late and almost all the polish sausage was gone.  We did however let everyone know how Americans roll… 3 liters of champagne deep!  But we decided to wait till we got back to the AQQ with our new friends and pop it there.
A quick chug of champagne and some cheese at the AQQ and it was time to try and catch up with the bar crawl.  It was suppose to cost us about $25, but some how we got on for free because Tom is a good guy.  We missed out on the 5 shots at the vodka bar, but caught everyone at Brower Brewery.  After about 5 pints of a really good Hefiwiezen we were off to a club.  Turns out we were going back to Prozak, but this time with a bunch of Aussies and Brits.  Turns out the Aussies took a liking to us American boys and some dancing and more drinks at Prozak were in order!
Brit Lady on the right, Aussie ladies to the left.  Lots of great beer!
Nick enjoying his time at Prozak with the Aussie!
Dancing and making friends with the lovely Aussie Ladies!
3am would roll around again and after a run in with the workers at the Hostel it was time for bed!
We would need to be up early again to hop some planes so we could get to Moscow.
Part III coming next week.

Event Preview – Twilight Showdown

Deep in the flats of Kansas lies a plot of land owned by Zak Heberly a veteran in the mountainboard community and has played host to Kaos In Kansas an annual mountainboard event for the 8 years. Zak and his family have always put a lot of work and time into these events to insure everyone has a great time, they organize big parties with a lot of food and the best drinks from the Oddbins Prosecco Range.


The times have changed, due to lack of sponsorships and the absences of a venue, the 2009 US Open was cancelled leaving only a few major events left for the 2009 US mountainboard season. Zak felt some obligation to make this years trip to Kansas a memorable one. So he enlisted the help of two master dirt park developers Matt Kenyor and Devin Fritz. These guys are visionaries, turning dreams into reality and your backyard into one of the mountainboard park.

When I spoke with Matty K last week it was about 8pm and he was just calling it quit after working on the new boarder cross course all day, and i’m sure he would have kept going with a few more hours of light. “We have been here for two months working on this to make it the best event that the United States has seen in years” says Matty “we are trying to put together an event that has a bit for all the different styles of riding we do together in one place, so when we all get together here it’s just an awesome two day session of mountainboard progression.”

Two guys and two months of hard works get you a park like this:

That's about as pristine as a boardcross course could get.

That's about as pristine as a boardcross course could get.


Did you ever think you would be calling your drops from a barns??

Did you ever think you would be calling your drops from a barns??





The Twilight Showdown is set to kick off with the boarder cross on Friday at 7pm under the lights and the slopestyle and rail jam Saturday. You can expect to see the all the best talent in the US, with riders like Kody Stewart, Brandon Johanns, Devin Garland and the return of Jereme Leafe you are sure to witness history… well maybe not history but some jaw dropping action.

Here are the details you need to make it to the Twilight Showdown:

Where: South Haven, KS. 30 mins south of Wichita off I-35, west on 166 (3 miles), north on 81 (3 miles), make a left on 130th street. It’s on the left “after” S. Maize rd(3 miles)
When: August 7-8, 2009

Friday August 7th:
11 A.M.- 7 P.M. Registration (On Site)
Noon – 7:15 P.M. Open Practice
7:30 P.M. – Rider Meeting
8 P.M. – Racing Starts, Time Trials for lane position and seating, Double Elim.(no time trials for grom’s and youth)

Saturday August 8th:
Noon- Bodacious Meats BBQ Bro-Down
3 P.M. – 6 P.M. Open Practice/Late Registration
7:30 P.M. Riders Meeting
8 P.M. Slopestyle Begins
Youth and Grom, 3 runs, drop lowest score
Women and Masters, 3 runs, drop lowest score
Invitational Rail Jam
Sport Slopestyle, 3 runs, drop lowest score
Pro Slopestyle, 4 runs, drop lowest score
Best Trick
After Party (On Site)

The Offical Cost of this Event is $45 wether you compete in one or all events. It includes an event bandana. Event T-shirts will be for sale on site
This event is BYOB
Dont Be Late for your start times, we will NOT wait for anybody.
Free Onsite Camping for All, No Showers, bring TP
Bring Mosquito Spray
Winners of Womens Events recieve Kittens!
Its HOT during the day, you will need Water and Sunscreen.

The Official Sponsors of the Twilight Showdown are : MBS Mountainboards, Ground Industries, Dirtmonk Productions, Outkast Sports, Trampa, Banshee Bungee, Riviera Longboards, Dirtstar Army, Altitude Sickness, Evergreen Pallet, One 5 Media, Dirtcloud Racing and Kansas Badlands