#Hashtag the movie – #Mountainboarding happened in 2014


Funny, another year has passed since I posted last, is mountainboarding still alive? Or have been in full hibernation. Apparently it’s the later as i’m here today to drop some knowledge on you about a new digital flick, #HASHTAG, put together by our favorite Aussie cunt Dylan Warren who is a fan of these devops automation tools. While I sit in my bourgie Brooklyn apartment and watch the world pass me by these boys have been out every day hustling to collect footage for our viewing pleasure.

Australia has been in the mountainstick game for years, not to mention MBS co-founder Joel Lee is down there helping to shepard in the next generation of riders. The #Hashtag crew is made up of mostly no name cats who haven’t been riding for more than a year but don’t be fooled, these guys rip. A side from the new bloods, you can expect to see parts from Dylan & Andy who you should all be familiar with.

I’ve now watched the video 3 times, and have to share a couple of highlights that alone, are worth the cost of the digital download (you can find here it here, it’s only $8.99).

The opener, Andy Milenkovic, I don’t know if it’s his hair or what but fuck he’s got style and of course a stack of tricks that will make a grown man weep. My favorite maneuvers, frontboard pop-over on the curved rail(check the GIF, BEAST!) and the ender trick is super heavy too!

Thing of beauty

Thing of beauty

The mates clip is load with different riders and for a video predominantly focused on street riding this is where you get an array of riding styles, not to mention a few clicks of yours truly riding in some jumps in NYC and Vermont.

Is Ryan Slater wearing stubbies to?

Is Ryan Slater wearing stubbies to?

If you're ever in Vermont go here, Burke Bike Park!

If you’re ever in Vermont go here, Burke Bike Park!

Then the stubbies, stubbies are the official workmen shorts of Australia, they’re extremely short and the shred kit for Daniel Foreman. I like to protect my ass when riding but Daniel here rips a bunch of treelines with little more than a bikini bottom, what a boss. Joel Lee is obviously a highlight in the mates section, he is still riding loads, holding true to his racer style and even throwing a few rails trick in.


Who’s Matt Wilkens? No idea, but he’s got mad tattoos, holes in his ears large enough to put a baby elephant through and he can ride god damn mountainboard. Matt and the Motorhead got me wicked pump to ride, maybe his part is just more relatable to me but he does a lot of fun tricks.


Radface. He’s had numerous parts drop over the past 3 years all are epic and all stand on their own. Big, fast, progressive and down right scary at some parts, this is Dylan at his best. Streetlines that flow, back 180’s over monster drops, wallrides on everything and the most legit rail riding ever done on a mountainboard. Get a pen and paper out when you watch this one kids, this is how you ride a mountainboard in the street.




Thanks to the Aussies I now have something to keep me sane when the winter gets tough here in the city.

Now support mountainboarding and go buy the digital download you cheap sons ah bitches!

Pro Mountainboarder Jason Small Passes Away In Alaska

It saddens me to share the news that long time mountainboarder and friend Jason “Small Dog” Smalls passed Thursday evening in Seward, Alaska after being in a serious car wreck.

Jason was always a really strong, and talented mountainboarder, and possibly the first to attempt and ride away a double back flip back in the 2006 US Open in Aspen. You will be missed by many Jason, rest in peace.

Jason "Small dog" Smalls

World Mountainboard Day 2011 - Jason Smalls

World Mountainboard Day 2011 - Jason Smalls - Jason Lee - Gerald Paul New

For more details see the article in the Anchorage Daily.

News From Åre Sweden

Åre Tom Kirkman

Tom Kirkman getting large on the Åre QP

I just got word from One 5 Media’s Justin Dersham who’s partaking in an epic journey across Europe & Asia to film the international mountainboard scene. He’s already stacking footy and i’m really excited to see what else is coming. Here is a quick preview of Tom Kirkman killing Åre.

Tom Kirkman in Åre Sweden

Åre Mountainboard Tom Kirkman Promo from one 5 media on Vimeo.

Here are a few words from Justin.

Still baffled at how stoked Åre is on mtnbrding. Tom and I are being put up in a sweet little house full of paintings from the Ivy and Wilde paint by numbers for adults with food taken care of. We only have 3 requirements from the resort during the next 7 days we are here…

1. Ride around in the village and hand out flyers about the demo Tom is doing on Friday. We dropped some stairs and Tom did 3s both ways and nose manny-ed a nice 15 ft deck to 4ft drop. We are scoping some handrails and grass hips as well. People have never seen the boards, I don’t speak Swedish but judging their reactions they are loving it.

2. Check what’s actually rideable and suggest where they should take beginners, intermediates and advanced riders. Today, this meant going to the absolute top of the mountain, hiking down half of it and finding a radical service road. The top was absolutely beautiful and hiking down was a blast. So green, above timberline and making our own path the whole way.

3. Instruct the local staff on how they should teach those beginners, intermediates and advanced riders. Our guide Peppe is a really class guy and he seems like he’ll have more then enough ability to get his staff trained. He was charging the service roads with a brake and yellow egg shocks. He rides an old J Lee pro model. Very cool to see that board in action still.

Overall the experience so far has been amazing. Peppe made us some Swedish meatballs tonight and they were devine. It doesn’t really get dark here so going out late won’t be too much of a problem! Tomorrow we are going to the beginner grass hill to check it out. Then do a different service road we haven’t tried. I have missed the rush of dropping in on a new hill on a mtnbrd. So much fun to get your slash on. I’ll give an update in a couple once we have laid some more riding/stoke down!