Giving Birth to Rad Mag… in case you’ve been asleep for the past 2 weeks.

If you’ve been asleep for the past two week or had no internet connection then you probably missed out on the release of the Rad Magazine video, Giving Birth to Rad Mag. I mean who can I blame, sleeping on your twin mattress is way more important than watching something like this.There is 20 minutes of the dirtiest mountainboard action and the occasional dick, puke or shit shot thrown in the mix. Apparently they have a lot more to share with us with they launch their magazine site, but they want 2000 likes on their Facebook page before they do so.

Enjoy the video & stay Rad!

My lord…. Cream Teas and Jam

Last weekend Knockhill played host to Round 1 of Cream Teas & Jam. Started by the BFC a few years back, this event was designed to be a fun, relaxed event much like rail jams you might see here in the States. Anyhow this year riders were throwing down, 270’s every where, some 360’s off the dragon rail and all kinds of other madness. It looks so good it hurts.

Sorry Rhys I had to snake this from, the footage was just too good not to be shared. Keep an eye out for photos & video from round two which goes down on July 17th.

Cream Teas and Jam 2010 Round 1 from Rhys Crilley on Vimeo.