Beast Mountainboard Videos From Across The Globe

The best of the beast, mountainboard videos from around the globe edited by the best video production services in Toronto. Some old, some new and some that probably shouldn’t have been posted in the first place. Take note of the style from country to country some dirty action in these.

England – Ye Olde British Cunts

You know all these guys and you’ve probably seen all of these edits as well. That’s because they’re kings, straight royalty on the mountainsticks.

“Style” by Jack Johnson

“Hales Superbole” by Theo Acworth

“Summer Sessions” by Project Doc

“Giving Birth to Rad Mag” by Tom Kirkman

France – J’ai un escargot dans mon oreille

Maybe you aren’t aware of this but the French rip, and I include Dutch friend Nicky Geerse in this group because he speaks French better than he does Dutch.

“French Mountainboard Tour 2011” by Bietrix Alexandre

“Monistrol Madness” by Nicky Geerse

Russia – I like my borscht without the beets

I just spent a week in Moscow where it was -20 degrees for 6 days straight, not exactly a hospitable climate; especially not for mountainboarding. Despite the long winters Russia has well funded events(thanks to Tunetz), super good riders and a communist government.

“Moscow” by Alexey Tunetz

“Dah Teaser” by Alexey Tunetz

Australia – Sheep shaggers in my book

The bastard children of the United Kingdom and savage beasts. Watch the gymnast do a double backflip! Dyl Radface had a seizure while eating a big mac this past summer and my girlfriend thinks he’s got Aspergers syndrome.

“Double Trouble With Andy Milenkovic” by Project Doc

“Crackheads at Como” by Dylan Radface Warren

USA – McDonalds & Walmart now open in South Pole, Antarctica

We take claim to the creation of the sport. We sell you boards. Occasionally ride them. Mostly we just put a lot of time and money into shooting video of it. Are tricks aren’t the best but we have way more fun than everyone else. Truth.

“Hot Action” by One 5 Media

“MBS Commercial” by One 5 Media

“Down & Dirty 2” by Strict 9 Films

Spain – Pelea de gallo o lidia

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Spain, nor do I know of many Spanish riders but I do know Iguria park looks like an amazing place to ride. Check out the Facebook video.

“iguria park session 2011” by Arkaitz Otuzar

“Tracks” by Pedro Emauz

Japan – Have you seen Blood Sport??

I don’t know what flows through the water in Japan but no matter what board sport it is the Japenese seem to have the best style.

“Jingi Part 2” by KoenjiNoSora

“Jingi Part 3” by KoenjiNoSora

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These guys have been riding hard for a long time and possibly the most passionate about it, I mean you’ve probably heard of Tony Dogga right?

“Suramericano de Mountainboarding 2010” by Nosfe Soto

“Mountainboard Sessions Brasil” by Mathias

“Montainboard 2010” by Bless TV

Germany – Hmmmmm

I almost forgot about the Germans, never forget the German’s they’ll fuck you up. How could I forget Winterberg possibly the gnarliest park in mountainboarding. If you never saw that video of TK doing front 7’s over their massive 40 foot jump its worth searching for.

“A Day In The Parkz” by Lukas Tielke

“South German MTB Championship 2011” by Philipp Uhlmann

Golly, It’s A Motion Picture

Oh yes, the dirt is fresh and films are dropping! After being dormant for the last 6-8 month, actually not dormant just riding snowboards, not mountainboards, the mountainboards have been pulled out and trips are being planned. I spoke with MBS Founder/Team Manager, Jason Lee over on Friday night over a few pints about the likelihood of a team road trip team amid the recession. What i got for an answer was surprising, “Yes, there will be a trip, only this year it will be late summer fall”.

Traditionally, One 5 Media and MBS kick off the season with a road trip to begin filming and get a lot of bails out of the way. 2007 it was the Roadkill trip to Vegas, 2008 it was Albuquerque, 2009 TBD but I’m pulling for NoCal.

Traveling is my favorite part about mountainboarding, it’s that drive to explore the unknown, to find that perfect terrain and share it with your friends. I just watched the new BFC flick, Something Else and they have done quite a bit of traveling themselves over the last year, the park at Winterberg Germany, Wanyi Park Belgium, France, UK, and i’m sure there is more. Something Else takes a look at the European mountainboard scene through the eyes of Jack Johnston, with a handful of rider interviews, contest shots and a bunch of progressive tricks, it left me want to more. Here a look at BFC’s Something Else.

BFC Media presents – “Something Else” from jack johnston on Vimeo.

Our boys from the DSA, have been stacking footy for the last year or so for their first full length video, which is supposed to drop in June. I must say, i have some high expectations for the video, with the likes of Halston Rhodes, Mason Moore, Van Dewitt, Casey Thomas and the rest of the Salt Lake City crew, these guys have always been a pleasure to ride with and always bring that heavy style into all their riding. Here is the teaser for Let it Happen.

Mountainboarding “Let IT Happen” DSA Trailer 2009 from DirtStar_Army on Vimeo.

Still waiting on the release of One 5’s Hot Action teaser, last i heard Justin Dersham was working on “Rights to a song”. Still planning to drop that teaser as soon as it’s ready, keep those eyes open.