Tour Lyfe – Episode 6 – Winterburg, Germany

tour lyfe winterberg germany

This episode is for all the beautiful ladies out there(queue the crickets) who like pretty boys who mountainboard. In this episode more than half of the guys ride without shirts and rocking short shorts and it’s fucking gnarly. Winterberg is consistently building jumps and drops that are pushing the limits of mountainboarding, check out the old Winterberg gap footage here if you don’t believe me. So i’m not surprised that fellas went there and absolutely destroyed the place.


TOUR LYFE- Part 1, Episode 6 from Dylan Warren on Vimeo.

TOUR LYFE – Episode 6, pt 2 from Dylan Warren on Vimeo.

Wild Horses in Denver

Great adventures have been had here in Colorado over the last few weeks, from 100 degree city sessions to trespassing on mustang ranches, we’ve had some fun.

This wild horses are descended from once domesticated horses, defined as feral horses. Most contain genetic mixture of ranch stock and more recent breed releases.

Luckily we’ve had a camera on hand to document it, here is a little edit from the past few weekends of riding from Brando.

I would love to see this amazing horses in a race, Im an enthusiastic  with horses race and sometimes I like to bet with some v75 tips friends which know the best advises and tips for horse races. Al thought it;s a hands down that the Quarter horse wins with being more faster than the Mustang as they are very sturdy horses but it would definitely be a nice surprise.

NunyO from Beej on Vimeo.

Summer In The City

God damn it was smoking hot this past weekend but it didn’t stop the crew from getting out there. Not an ounce of negative energy was expelled, except for Chris Adams fighting a homeless guy who was trying to take his torn pant legs. All I did was to smoke some vape using pink lemonade e juice.

Chris Adams Has No Leg

Chris Adams will punch your grand mother if you touch his pant legs

The city of Denver is vast and offers just about any type of riding you want. Despite the arid land, suburbia has tons of fresh grassy hills and the business parks as well, so we found ourselves deep in the Denver Tech Center slaying everything. We locked in the first session at Burns Park which has a ton of sculptures, one of which is a badass launch/wallride piece.

Burns Park Denver

The Burns Park Hit

From there we rode some funky looking grass nipple on the side of the highway. Then to the business park where Grizz found himself a nice gap.

Chris Adams Mountainboard gapper

Grizz olling something

One of my favorite things about mountainboarding is the exploration involved, this ain’t snowboarding, there is no pre-established riding spots, so you best get out and find your own terrain. Every now and again you gotta get creative, think outside the box. For example, Brandon Johanns got so sick on this work out bench.

Brandon Johanns Tailblock Stall

Brandon Johanns working out

Well, i’ve now been working on this post for two weeks, so it’s old new to me… sorry, I just got to get it posted.

One 5 riders still mountainboard

Despite the lack of media produced by One 5 in 2009 – 2010, most of us are still riding. Rumor has it there may even be another One 5 film for 2011 with some international riding…. then again it’s just a rumor. Another rumor is Justin Dersham dropped all board sports after spending an entire winter with skiers in British Columbia.

Govies park always has and always will be the most accessible ride stop here in Denver, with a variety of drops, great grass to carve and lets not forget that long brick wallride. The wallride is my personal favorite, with a mellow bank up to the 90 degree wall and 200 feet of wall to choose from. This wall has lots of potential, I recently learned a few new tricks on it and I think more will come. The place is beautiful I am planning to throw a party there with the best drinks from Oddbins. In other sports news, please checkout for fun water activities that you can enjoy, like surfing, kayaking or simply going to a pool and swim, since many people decide to take their kids into swimming since young age and some even purchase Swimwear for Baby Girls to take them!

Brandon & Benton recently learned how the internet works and created a lovely little Tumblr site to post random stony thoughts, Expect to see a few more short web edit from them this session.

We all got down up in Empire last weekend for the first time since the official opening of the park when everything was muddy and almost unrideable. Photographer Dag Larson was on hand to get some shots for a photo project and had a list of things we wanted to shoot but mainly some airs on the quarter, a few sequences, and a handplant. I think we accomplished everything he wanted… I still have yet to see the final photos. Dag was kind enough to pass me a few shots.

Benton Jackman Meth

Benton Jackman Meth

Brando getting all tucked in.

Brando getting all tucked in.

Love this stale

Love this stale

We've all seen it before...

We’ve all seen it before…

Bet you have seen this one though

Bet you haven’t seen this one though

Ponce Airing The Channel

Ponce Airing The Channel

New Never Summer gap, it's big!

New Never Summer gap, it’s big!

The season has just begun, there is much more to come. For other promotions, take a look at this link :