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Last week I escaped from behind my computer and took a trip to Belgium where I had the pleasure of meeting two fine chaps from the BFC, Martyn James & Nicky Geerse.

The first night we met in Brussels and the night consisted of lots of beer and absinthe, dancing and was proceeded by a hefty hangover in the AM. I have documented this and put it into a sodapdf software for safekeeping.

Evan Carlson, Martyn James, & Nicky Geeres at Little Delrium

Little Delrium with BFC

Get to know your ideal customer and think about how and where they spend their time. Then search for address to get in front of your customer with your marketing message.

That next morning we took a two hour trip to southern Belgium to ride Wayni Park, possibly one of the finest mountainboard parks in the world, complete with a long boarder cross track, tons of rails and some large jumps. Oh ya they have a lift so you never have to take off your board and you can just make laps all day, and you wonder why all the best riders in the world are coming out of Europe. Despite the rain from previous days we were still able to ride most of the park, with the exception of the large jump.

BFC = Big Fat Cunts

Riding with Martyn and Nicky was mind blowing, the Euros have so much control of there board and even the smallest of tricks look amazing. In a span of 30 minutes I watch Nicky stomp every 540, none of which were huck and all were grabbed, pretty impressive. You can expect to see some web edits coming from Nicky and Martyn’s road trip in the next few weeks on the Yum Yum BFC site and rumor has it they are putting out another full length movie shortly. Looking forward to seeing both Nicky and Martyn over here in the states this summer.

In the mean time enjoy some of the BFC edits below.

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