Pro Mountainboarder Jason Small Passes Away In Alaska

It saddens me to share the news that long time mountainboarder and friend Jason “Small Dog” Smalls passed Thursday evening in Seward, Alaska after being in a serious car wreck.

Jason was always a really strong, and talented mountainboarder, and possibly the first to attempt and ride away a double back flip back in the 2006 US Open in Aspen. You will be missed by many Jason, rest in peace.

Jason "Small dog" Smalls

World Mountainboard Day 2011 - Jason Smalls

World Mountainboard Day 2011 - Jason Smalls - Jason Lee - Gerald Paul New

For more details see the article in the Anchorage Daily.

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  1. We are so sorry to hear about Jason. We’re trying to put together a tv news report about him…can you please call me asap at 907-762-9248? Thanks…

    Mike Ross
    KTUU TV News

  2. Jason was killed in Indian Alaska, not Seward.
    I live in Anchorage and knew Jason when I lived in Summit County Colorado before I moved to AK in 1998.
    Jason will be missed tremendously.

  3. Does anyone know if there is a memorial in Colorado for small dog.??

  4. Ray and Sue (Jason’s parents) will have a Memorial at a later date, maybe a week or two or longer. They are needing sometime to deal with everything and get themselves re-grounded. I’ll add another comment when details are settled and we know the date.

  5. Thank you Alisa. Jason and I were roommates for a while in Denver. I’m glad to call him a friend. I am truely saddened by the news. Please keep me informed.

  6. Jason Small changed my life in so many positive ways, love him, I will miss him and he will never be forgoten as long as I live.
    I love you jason

  7. Jason “small dog” small was my BEST Friend! We ,my wife Cindy & Geno and I loved him so much. tears still come since we heard the news , I -We will miss you so much!!! and your memory will be in our hearts forever. we shared the same birthday, Still your BEST FRIEND Frank.

  8. I know I really didn’t know Jason but let me tell you how I met him. Back in the Spring, he called me about my truck for sale. He was so fun to talk to. We laughed, we dickered on the price a little bit and he asked me literally everything he could think of about the truck. He called me everyday. I looked forward to meeting this wonderfully fun and charismatic (sp?) man. He had told me he would buy it, sight unseen, because he knew I was being honest with him and it was what he was looking for. He came a few days later (everyone who called after that was told that the truck was sold, I knew Jason was coming!) When he got to Palmer, he looked and saw that it was indeed what he wanted! He counted out the money and then looked at me and gave me a $100 “tip”. I asked, “what is this for?” He said it was just for being nice. I started to cry a bit and we hugged each other. I will NEVER forget him as long as I live. You meet people every day, but not such exceptional people as him. God bless you Jason and God be with your family. xo

  9. Very sorry about all of y’all’s loss, I was one of the first people at the accident and the first to try and help him out. If only I wasn’t just a kid…

  10. Hello , I am Jason’s sister – I cannot thank you enough for your all your efforts. Legalities are over – I would love the opportunity to communicate with you . Respectfully ~ Deanie

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