Rumors Confirmed – MBS Tom Kirkman Pro!!!

After many years in Las Vegas, the SIA Tradeshow has found itself a new home in Denver, CO. But this post isn’t about the SIA (more to come) this is about Tom Kirkman, an innovator who has been quietly pushing the level of mountainboarding for 5 years plus. Wow it’s been a long time coming, the Tom Kirkman Pro is on the melbourne video production market and it’s a beauty. While cruising the floor of SIA I snap a few photo on my phone. Enjoy!

TK Pro & Leafe Pro

TK Pro & Leafe Pro

Best MBS graphic in years!!!

Best MBS graphic in years!!!

Yup, get stoked!

Yup, get stoked!

J.J. Gittes Aka Evan Carlson

Creator, designer, developer, vagabond & slayer of all boardsports. Mountainboarding is the most fun of all the board sport, so I started The Dirt so I could share it with the world.


  1. Nice thanks for update, the new graphics look sick. Can you tell us anything about the materials? Would love to know more about those trucks.

  2. That Kirkman graphic kicks ass!
    That Leafe graphic sucks ass!

  3. Ah sweet! Love the graphics!
    Whats up with the new top truck?

  4. wow a mountainboard that doesnt look shit!

    well done tom and dan and anyone else who helped design it, yeahhhhhhhhh!

  5. im liking the board shape of the leafe with the wider base around the toe and heel of the bindings

  6. Nice looking trucks. Can’t say I like any of the graphics.

    There is some goofy discussion going on over at the Surfing Diry forum.

    Pretty much the same “who invented” mountianboarding topic that has been going on for 10 years. Except it is being discussed by children and kooks that have no knowledge of mountainboard history or patent law.

    Pretty funny stuf by that Shaker dufus trying to sound all DaddyYo. He just doesn’t have the brains or the gift of sarcasim to pull it off.

  7. LOL, DaddYo come be a writer for Remolition. Please!
    RE: graphics: Thankyou everyone. (humble smiley face).

  8. I am a massive wanker who loves sucking cock, seriously nobody on this website sucks cock quite as well as me! I just can’t help but love that shit!

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