Champion of the World

The World Championships of Mountainboarding is happening this weekend at the Bugs Boarding mountainboarding centre in Gloucester, England. The jumps are large, weather looks good, and some of the world’s best will be there to show off their talent in front of the savvy British crowd. Despite losing the headlining sponsor MBS Europe has kept the event going by headlining the event themselves.



Those of us that are not able to go can receive updates from the BFC & MBS Europe’s own Rhys Crilley. Rhys will be tweeting updates from the event in between checking his facebook. Check out for updates on everything from what everyone is wearing to what Rhys’ favorite grab is. Who knows maybe next year a live webcam or video through the power of skype?

Rhys Crilley use to model

Rhys Crilley use to model

Also, for the best photos in the game check out Paul Crilley‘s website for shots of the event plus lots of other great pictures.

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  1. Yo, full event write–up & awesome photo galleries on mountainboarding’s premiere webzine


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