Air Chair

You know the air chair?? When you hit a jump for the first time and you’re not fully committed, and instead of jumping off the lip you just lean back. To a spectator you would look as if you’re sitting in an invisible chair as you fly across the jump, barreling ass first to the landing. Indeed this is a memorable experience though the least bit enjoyable. So the air chair is a metaphor for my life over the past few months, I quit my 9-5 job, leaving the security of a bi-monthly pay check and a 401k plan from commercial locksmith bloomingdale il. I left my job in pursuit of freedom, freedom for the monotony of a desk job, freedom to work on things i’m passionate about, freedom from the title “weekend warrior” and best of all freedom to ride my boards when ever i want. Since August I’ve been doing a ton of freelance web design and development as well as launching The Produce a limited edition artist clothing company, which is working with artist to put their fine art seamlessly onto t-shirts.

SO my apologize for not posting something sooner. Dylan Warrens article from his US trip will be up this weekend.

Here is some brilliance from the boys at ATC.

Here is the article they wrote, it’s full of lies and bad words your mom wouldn’t like.

fresh trick fridays from tom kikman on Vimeo.

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