Dylan Warren Summer Clip

The long awaited and highly anticipated part by Dylan Warren is finally here. There is way to much to say about this video, but first and foremost DYLAN is gnarly. Rails, rooftop and cliff drops this clip shows how a mountainboard needs to be ridden.

Thanks for all the hard work Dylan, your efforts for our entertainment and I’m thoroughly entertained!

Wild Horses in Denver

Great adventures have been had here in Colorado over the last few weeks, from 100 degree city sessions to trespassing on mustang ranches, we’ve had some fun.

This wild horses are descended from once domesticated horses, defined as feral horses. Most contain genetic mixture of ranch stock and more recent breed releases.

Luckily we’ve had a camera on hand to document it, here is a little edit from the past few weekends of riding from Brando.

I would love to see this amazing horses in a race, Im an enthusiastic  with horses race and sometimes I like to bet with some v75 tips friends which know the best advises and tips for horse races. Al thought it;s a hands down that the Quarter horse wins with being more faster than the Mustang as they are very sturdy horses but it would definitely be a nice surprise.

NunyO from Beej on Vimeo.

One 5 Media’s Hot Action selected for 2010 X-Dance film festival!

I just spoke with my dear friend Mike Herbener, the eyes of One 5 Media and after months pacing back and forth in his living room anxiously awaiting a response from X-Dance he got word. X-Dance scours through thousands of action sports films each year looking for best new films of the year and this year Hot Action was one that caught the judges eyes. Mike and Justin put a lot of hours into editing the film so I had to have a heart to heart with Mike and find out how he was feeling.



E: First and foremost, how does it feel to be selected for X-Dance?

M: It’s our first major film festival, so it’s totally bitchin! Being selected for X-Dance is a huge honor.

E: Rad. What are you doing right now?

M: I’m at work right now

E: Does it hurt?

M: I like my job, so it actually doesn’t hurt that much…. I’m really hungry though.

E: Thanks Mike, enjoy the rice and bean.

M: Thank you

If your in the Salt Lake City area January 21-26 stop by the X-Dance Theatre, 272 S. Main St. and check out some of the films.

For more info on X-Dance go to http://www.x-dance.com/

Jason Lee Gets Photo Credits

Jason Lee is some what of a mythical creature, something like a Bonnacon or a Scylla, regardless he’s a special guy to all of us in the mountainboard community. He’s also very competitive and a professional Foosball player, in fact he recently beat the defending champs Dave and Boris (congrats again).

Dave & Boris showing off.

Dave & Boris showing off.

Jason is also an artist and has a real nack for photography. In fact we at The Dirt used Jason’s photos in our last post without giving him credit, well Jason caught us red handed. See the email string below. My apologize Jason thanks for the photos and congrats on taking the Overall at the Altitude Cup!

Jason took the following photo in the Altitude Cup post -->1,5,7,9,17,18,20

Jason took the following photo in the Altitude Cup post -->1,5,7,9,17,18,20

Also thank you to all the other individuals that contributed photos, Dave Kennedy, Amanda Poindexter, Tyler Mork’s father and everyone else that contributes, much love.

The Kazoo of Peace

Through the power of music our world has learned how to overcome tremendous adversity. Music gives a voice to those without and has demonstrated over and over again its ability to have a positive impact on the lives it touches. African mountainboarder Benedict Ewan Sisulu Tweedie is reaching out with his new music project The Unicorn Warriors. Their blend of kazoo playing and whimsical attitude creates a euphoric sound not heard since the likes of Gene and Dean Ween.

Sisulu Warrior

Sisulu Warrior

Benjamin is well excited innit for the project saying,”I was tired of getting laid all the time with my hardcore metal band so I decided to give myself some rest and start something that no girl would ever think is cool.” Jah bless Big Ben and may your unicorn fly high above the clouds and reach the stars it so desperately needs to survive.

-The Commodore "we dig so you don't have to"

That Just Happened

The Dirt Star Army presented arms with their new video Let It Happen this week. They released the movie free online to give everyone a chance to see what all the fuss was about. In reviewing this movie I realized that I have some pretty close ties with the riders in the video and maybe my opinion would be tainted in some way. So I decided that my friends would voice their opinion of Let It Happen. The first person that came to mind was a fellow shredder from West Virginia/Utah transplant Ryan Hosfelt. Because Ryan now lives and snowboards in Utah I thought he would be the kind of person the DSA would want to expose mountainboarding to. Here’s what Ryan thought of the video: “As far as being a snowboarder who really has no specific knowledge of mountainboarding or serious interest in the sport, I found “Let it Happen” visually pleasing, interesting, and relatable to snowboarding. Almost every trick in that video could be done on a snowboard somehow; whether it be on a jump or a jib. For example the nose-manual shots across the picnic table reminded me of nosepressing a picnic table on my snowboard…All of the riding seemed good, but take that with a grain of salt because I don’t know how to critique mountainboard tricks.”
Ryan enjoyed the video for the most part and liked how the video showed riding outside of just dirt jumps. I wanted more than just one person’s opinion so I asked another snowboarder and minishred aficionado Cooper Thomas. Coop is seen here showing why I wanted to hear from him.

Method to 50-50 bs 180 out

Method to 50-50 bs 180 out

Coop is a sponsored snowboarder who regularly wins jib contests. Coop has also been the Maryland state downhill mountainbiking champion and has taught mountainboarding at his local ski resort in the summer. Seemed like a proficient background of all things action sports to gain a perspective of the video. Coop’s opinion wasn’t as stoked as Ryan’s.
“Let It Happen did indeed happen and there is no way to return the 20 minutes I lost watching it. The Dirt Star Army team laid waste to all the tinniest mini shred they could get their hands on. Some of the filler was entertaining and creative enough but the movie lacked banger shots that would make me want to re-watch it. The intro looked like an ADHD child was given a camera and told to film scenery. The music seemed like it would fit better to a bar fight than a mountainboard video. The no comply hop around maneuver that was littered throughout the video along with the grinds became so redundant I thought they were the mess ups. Apart from the whole movie looking like it was made in the 90s including the grungy music, I can respect a bunch of guys just trying to make a video and riding to their own beer fueled style but the video was just so unwatchable I barely made it to the end.”
That may sound harsh and very funny, but as I showed the video to more of my friends Coop’s opinion seemed to echo throughout. Most people were either unimpressed, had major problems with the production quality, or both. I myself thought the concept was all right but factoring in the hype with the video, the claims from the director, and the overall quality of Let It Happen I’m giving the movie 1 out of 5 stokens. Honestly, I expected more from the riders. Hopefully next time we’ll really see something worth claiming. In case you missed it watch the movie for yourself here:

Let It Happen from DirtStar_Army on Vimeo.