The Kazoo of Peace

Through the power of music our world has learned how to overcome tremendous adversity. Music gives a voice to those without and has demonstrated over and over again its ability to have a positive impact on the lives it touches. African mountainboarder Benedict Ewan Sisulu Tweedie is reaching out with his new music project The Unicorn Warriors. Their blend of kazoo playing and whimsical attitude creates a euphoric sound not heard since the likes of Gene and Dean Ween.

Sisulu Warrior

Sisulu Warrior

Benjamin is well excited innit for the project saying,”I was tired of getting laid all the time with my hardcore metal band so I decided to give myself some rest and start something that no girl would ever think is cool.” Jah bless Big Ben and may your unicorn fly high above the clouds and reach the stars it so desperately needs to survive.

-The Commodore "we dig so you don't have to"


when in doubt lay it out

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