One 5 Media’s Hot Action selected for 2010 X-Dance film festival!

I just spoke with my dear friend Mike Herbener, the eyes of One 5 Media and after months pacing back and forth in his living room anxiously awaiting a response from X-Dance he got word. X-Dance scours through thousands of action sports films each year looking for best new films of the year and this year Hot Action was one that caught the judges eyes. Mike and Justin put a lot of hours into editing the film so I had to have a heart to heart with Mike and find out how he was feeling.



E: First and foremost, how does it feel to be selected for X-Dance?

M: It’s our first major film festival, so it’s totally bitchin! Being selected for X-Dance is a huge honor.

E: Rad. What are you doing right now?

M: I’m at work right now

E: Does it hurt?

M: I like my job, so it actually doesn’t hurt that much…. I’m really hungry though.

E: Thanks Mike, enjoy the rice and bean.

M: Thank you

If your in the Salt Lake City area January 21-26 stop by the X-Dance Theatre, 272 S. Main St. and check out some of the films.

For more info on X-Dance go to

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  1. One 5 should keep their head on a swivel in Utah there are some places you’re not welcome and mommies credit card is not accepted.

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