Jason Lee Gets Photo Credits

Jason Lee is some what of a mythical creature, something like a Bonnacon or a Scylla, regardless he’s a special guy to all of us in the mountainboard community. He’s also very competitive and a professional Foosball player, in fact he recently beat the defending champs Dave and Boris (congrats again).

Dave & Boris showing off.

Dave & Boris showing off.

Jason is also an artist and has a real nack for photography. In fact we at The Dirt used Jason’s photos in our last post without giving him credit, well Jason caught us red handed. See the email string below. My apologize Jason thanks for the photos and congrats on taking the Overall at the Altitude Cup!

Jason took the following photo in the Altitude Cup post -->1,5,7,9,17,18,20

Jason took the following photo in the Altitude Cup post -->1,5,7,9,17,18,20

Also thank you to all the other individuals that contributed photos, Dave Kennedy, Amanda Poindexter, Tyler Mork’s father and everyone else that contributes, much love.

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  1. I don’t think I got a credit for the photo for this article. You’re gonna get a nasty email.

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