Adrenalin Games – Moscow

Adrenalin Games as a part of the project of the Multisport Association of Russia “Russian Games Open” gained the support of “Sport Russia”, which appeared the main organizer of the event and included it in Rossport calendar plan.

Essentially a Russian style X-Games
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Cash Prizes – Invite Only


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Compiegne European Freestyle & Boardercross Jam – France

European Mountainboard Tour? – Compiegne European Freestyle & Boardercross Jam

Alternative sport Festival (Mountainbike slope style and BMX dirt)

500€ PRIZE MONEY for the best overall mountainboarder !


Mountain Park Compiegne

ZA du bois de plaisance

60150 Venette


Google Maps :


Faure ludovic

+336 72 08 33 62

My lord…. Cream Teas and Jam

Last weekend Knockhill played host to Round 1 of Cream Teas & Jam. Started by the BFC a few years back, this event was designed to be a fun, relaxed event much like rail jams you might see here in the States. Anyhow this year riders were throwing down, 270’s every where, some 360’s off the dragon rail and all kinds of other madness. It looks so good it hurts.

Sorry Rhys I had to snake this from, the footage was just too good not to be shared. Keep an eye out for photos & video from round two which goes down on July 17th.

Cream Teas and Jam 2010 Round 1 from Rhys Crilley on Vimeo.

One 5 riders still mountainboard

Despite the lack of media produced by One 5 in 2009 – 2010, most of us are still riding. Rumor has it there may even be another One 5 film for 2011 with some international riding…. then again it’s just a rumor. Another rumor is Justin Dersham dropped all board sports after spending an entire winter with skiers in British Columbia.

Govies park always has and always will be the most accessible ride stop here in Denver, with a variety of drops, great grass to carve and lets not forget that long brick wallride. The wallride is my personal favorite, with a mellow bank up to the 90 degree wall and 200 feet of wall to choose from. This wall has lots of potential, I recently learned a few new tricks on it and I think more will come. The place is beautiful I am planning to throw a party there with the best drinks from Oddbins. In other sports news, please checkout for fun water activities that you can enjoy, like surfing, kayaking or simply going to a pool and swim, since many people decide to take their kids into swimming since young age and some even purchase Swimwear for Baby Girls to take them!

Brandon & Benton recently learned how the internet works and created a lovely little Tumblr site to post random stony thoughts, Expect to see a few more short web edit from them this session.

We all got down up in Empire last weekend for the first time since the official opening of the park when everything was muddy and almost unrideable. Photographer Dag Larson was on hand to get some shots for a photo project and had a list of things we wanted to shoot but mainly some airs on the quarter, a few sequences, and a handplant. I think we accomplished everything he wanted… I still have yet to see the final photos. Dag was kind enough to pass me a few shots.

Benton Jackman Meth

Benton Jackman Meth

Brando getting all tucked in.

Brando getting all tucked in.

Love this stale

Love this stale

We've all seen it before...

We’ve all seen it before…

Bet you have seen this one though

Bet you haven’t seen this one though

Ponce Airing The Channel

Ponce Airing The Channel

New Never Summer gap, it's big!

New Never Summer gap, it’s big!

The season has just begun, there is much more to come. For other promotions, take a look at this link :


……It’s true…. i’m a huge slacker, my apologize to all the readers, doubt there are any of you left. I have a ton of great things are happening with me and the mountainboard scene here in CO. Best of all the season has totally kicked off and i’m stoked to get back up to the Dirt Empire this weekend and slay the new Never Summer gap(see below), I been trying to live a more active life, ride a bike and hike, since is really a good exercise and have a better diet, learning about the best programs from sites as

Early this spring Matty Kenoyer spent time in Empire moving dirt and taking some of Altitude Sickness’s ideas and molded a whole new course which looks similar to European mountainboard centre but can be curable and hope phentermine works on it. All the upgrades to the park and long list of event begin held has attracted a few sponsors the largest being Vitamin Water and other healthy products as an amazon balance disc to exercise at home. All these new sponsorships have allowed Altitude Sickness to give away some real healthy cash prizes at their events, including the $3K cash purse for the Altitude Cup in September. While were on the topic of events the first Rider Fest was held two weeks ago, it was essentially the official open of the new park. Unfortunately I unable to attend the Rider Fest as I was getting some much needed R&R in Panama straight lounging. If you are looking for professionals that can take care of your teeth, just visit Round rock orthodontist reviews.

Beds are overrated, i'll take a hammock any day. Lounging in Bocas Del Toro.

Beds are overrated, i\’ll take a hammock any day. Lounging in Bocas Del Toro.

Here are a few shots from the Rider Fest.


Cole Shipp hiking the Never Summer Gap

Cole Shipp hiking the Never Summer Gap

Cole Shipp airing the Never Summer Gap, not the best angle but trust that drop is huge.

Cole Shipp airing the Never Summer Gap, not the best angle but trust that drop is huge.

Ponce getting it done

Ponce getting it done

Nothing like a little bonfire to end a day of riding.

Nothing like a little bonfire to end a day of riding.

One addition to Dirt Empire is the large step down, Devin Garland was one of the first to step up, here’s a short clip.

Mark your calendar for the Altitude Cup on Facebook.