Rumors Confirmed – MBS Tom Kirkman Pro!!!

After many years in Las Vegas, the SIA Tradeshow has found itself a new home in Denver, CO. But this post isn’t about the SIA (more to come) this is about Tom Kirkman, an innovator who has been quietly pushing the level of mountainboarding for 5 years plus. Wow it’s been a long time coming, the Tom Kirkman Pro is on the melbourne video production market and it’s a beauty. While cruising the floor of SIA I snap a few photo on my phone. Enjoy!

TK Pro & Leafe Pro

TK Pro & Leafe Pro

Best MBS graphic in years!!!

Best MBS graphic in years!!!

Yup, get stoked!

Yup, get stoked!

Twenty Ten – Altitude Sickness Event Schedule

I might be in hibernation for the season but some people in the Colorado mountainboard community don’t sleep. Joe Ponce and the Altitude Sickness creu have been hard at work planning out the events and learn to rides . It looks like the fun will continue in Empire for 2010.


Happy New Year from the Altitude Sickness Team and the Town of Empire. We would like to thank everyone who participated in events last season; spectators, sponsors, volunteers, friends and family- Thank you All!!!

This years events will begin in May with the Riders Festival and continue throughout the summer until the end of the season bash in October. We will have free Scheduled Learn to Ride classes for anyone who is interested in learning to mountainboard. Our team has prided itself in trying out new events like the frisbee toss and pinata bonk, so we are planning some new events and adding some twists to others. HIghlighting this season will be the highly anticipated¬† Altitude Cup where the Top 10 Pro’s get PAID!!¬† Teams are encouraged and will receive discounted entry fees.

The park in Empire is being designed and new features are being added. Anyone interested in donating features for the park or for any questions please call Altitude Sickness Board shop(303) 579-2719. Hope to see you all this season. Stay tuned for updates with scheduled events and times.

Altitude Sickness 2010 Event Schedule:

May 29-30 Rider’s Festival

June 26-27 Trash the Dress Weekend

July 31-Aug 1 Leadville Freeride Day and Copper Gathering

Sept 4-5 Altitude Cup

Sept 18-19 Video/Photo Extraganja

Oct 16-17 End of Season Bash(Contingency date)